workplace-1245776_1280Our lives are centered around human interactions. For many people social situations are intimidating, anxiety inducing or terrifying. This group is designed to provide individuals with social anxiety a safe and supportive environment to work on gaining confidence in interpersonal situations.

In order to become more comfortable in social situations practice is essential. Therefore the format of the group is structured but interactive in nature. Professional guidance is also provided to assist individuals with developing and enhancing their interpersonal skills.

The ways in which social interactions present is broad. Each week different situations are practiced in order to provide exposure to a large variety of social situations. Additionally, suggestions from group attendees of types of social interactions to incorporate into the group are welcomed and encouraged.

Examples of social scenarios practiced in-group:

–   One-on-one social conversations
–   Small group social conversations
–   Mock interviews
–   Joining a pre-existing conversation
–   Ending a conversation naturally
–   Smoothly transitioning topics in a conversation

While a group format for individuals with social anxiety may sound intimidating, all attendees of the group are here for the same reason. The goal is to become comfortable and confident in social situations so that they become enjoyable and not dreaded.

This is an ongoing group; individuals are welcome to join at any time. Individuals are invited to join on a weekly basis or may attend at whatever frequency best suits their needs.

Duration: 60 minutes
Cost: $20 per group