workplace-1245776_1280Our minds are constantly thinking. It is far too easy to get lost in thought. Sometimes these thoughts may be pleasant and enjoyable, but more frequently the mind gets stuck worrying about future events, ruminating on past events, or trapped in auto-pilot mode in which we simply “go through the motions.” Mindfulness and meditation provide a way to break away from this habitual and unhelpful pattern, and to be more present and appreciative of life.

This group provides an opportunity to learn and practice a range of techniques to help integrate the principles of mindfulness and meditation into your daily life. Similar to any new skill, proper practice is essential in working toward transitioning a technique into a new way of living.

There are many schools of mindfulness and meditation. In this group, you will learn about and practice a range of theories. Each week, the group leader will conduct a guided meditation.

Examples, of the guided meditation themes include the following:

–   Compassion Toward Self and Others
–   Resisting Unhealthy Habits
–   Letting Go of Anger
–   Acceptance and Appreciation of “Negative” Emotions
–   Relaxing Your Body and Mind

In addition, group members are actively encouraged to share if there are certain guided meditation themes or discussion topics that they would like to be focused on in subsequent sessions. The group facilitator is Vanessa Wells, MA. For more information regarding Vanessa’s background, training, and clinical experiences please click here.

This is an ongoing group; individuals are welcome to join at any time. Individuals are invited to come to each group meeting or may attend at whatever frequency best suits their needs. Prior to attending your first session please contact Kim at: or 978-270-8925.

Duration: 60 minutes
Cost: $30 per group