relax-1276639_1280Since OCD/anxiety can feel so uncomfortable and scary, it makes sense that people try to do whatever they can (i.e., rituals) to make the anxiety go away. However, this avoidance process unintentionally makes the OCD/anxiety stronger. Exposure and ritual prevention (ERP) is an active approach that helps individuals learn how to go into the OCD/anxiety thoughts (versus fighting them) — while resisting rituals. Exposures help people learn how to embrace uncertainty, which is a powerful and liberating process. As exposure work (i.e., systematically facing one’s fears) is hard work, the goal of this group is to provide a space for individuals to practice exposures in a supportive and motivating environment.

The group facilitator is Jacquelin Gouniai, LPC, PsyD, who is part of the Clearview Horizons’ OCD specialty practice. For more information on Jacquelin please click here. This is an ongoing group; individuals are welcome to join at any time. Individuals are invited to come to each group meeting or may attend at whatever frequency best suits their needs. Prior to attending your first session please contact the Program Director, Kimberly Leonte, PhD at: or 978-270-8925.

Adult OCD Group: Sundays from 7:00-8:00pm
Duration: 60 minutes
Cost: $30 per group
Location: This group is conducted remotely via the Zoom platform